Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Catching up...

I've been slacking lately and I don't mean to :/. It's all because I was so sick during Christmas break...the flu/cold hit me all so fast. I mean I didn't have an appetite for a week and if you know me, you know that just isn't like me, lol! So, yep!! I was definitely sick!! It was a bummer because we planned to go to Idaho for a few days with family, but didn't want to get them all sick. It all turned out ok and Spence had fun having a couple days off from work and hooking up his surround sound he got for Christmas and well, the dogs got spoiled by Santa and Grandma once again so they were occupied, haha, they still are! It's fun to see them play!!

Before Christmas, we went with family to see lights! We loved it! We thought it was so fun! Then we came home and made gingerbread cookies!! We've never made them before. I think the fact that I constantly stared at a gingerbread man sticker at work was the reason for this, haha! It was a lot of fun and I found out that Spencer is awesome at decorating cookies!! We also threw on some of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf and Christmas Vacation!! I mean it's not Christmas unless you've watched them :)

Unfortunately, on Christmas I didn't take any pictures since I was so sick, but I did take videos and I can't get them to upload on here, hmm, I need to figure that out :) My favorite gifts this year were the canvases I made for Spencer and my dad.

This one is Spencer's. It's of our Brittany Spaniel dog, Sash, pointing a bird and Spencer ready to shoot while Sash's pup, Westin, is on Spencer's leg. I love it!!

This one is my dad's. It's a picture of all our dogs pointing the same bird while we were hunting last year :)

Speaking of hunting, we have done it a couple times since Christmas with my family!!  I love that I married a man that loves it as much as my family and I do!! 

Thank you!!

Spencer and I are so grateful for the love and support we have seen throughout our adoption journey!! Thursday we had a spotlight featured on FB and we can't put into words how much it means for everyone's likes, comments, and shares!! Thank you!! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Motab Christmas Concert

Last night Spencer and I went with his brother and his wife to the Motab Christmas Concert! We first met and had dinner and then instead of driving, we road the Frontrunner train to downtown Salt Lake and then switched to the Trax train to get to the concert. The concert was a lot of fun!! Afterward, we were able to walk through temple square and get pictures!! Then we all thought we were good with timing with Trax and Frontrunner, but come to find out, after we had taken Trax to get to Frontrunner, we missed the one we wanted! We had to wait almost 90 minutes until the next one which was the last one...aahh, memories, haha!! Luckily, there was a bus station to wait at so we didn't freeze!! It was a lot of fun and we laughed all night!!

Riding to the concert!!

Waiting for the concert to start!

Spencer standing next to the statue of Spencer W. Kimball. He was named after this prophet!!

Enjoying the lights at Temple Square, love this time of year!!

No big deal...just missed our train and have to wait almost 90 minutes...aahh, memories!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Many reasons why I love this man!! Spencer is always so willing to serve!!


Yesterday, I spent the morning with my oldest sister's kids as they were waking up and getting ready for school! I love and adore them and cannot believe they are growing up so fast!! Then my sister and I went to her salon and she did my hair! She darkened my melt and I am in love!! She is so talented! I love my family oh so much!!

Here I am with my nieces!! I love them so much as if they were my own!!

Here is a picture of my melt when my sister was done! Once again, she is so talented! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Every year Santa visits our neighborhood! It is so fun to see all the kids get excited!! The fire truck sirens sound and he throws them candy!! I love it!! This year it was snowing like crazy and we let our dogs out to play and they got just as excited for Santa...I'm pretty sure ;)

Playing at the park!

Sash loves to hunt even when we're not hunting...silly girl! She found a rabbit by the park, she was proud!!

Waiting for Santa!!


Santa visiting our neighborhood, so much fun!!